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There are only a few goose-bump moments in life. When they happen you want to hold onto that incredible feeling forever. I approach every wedding I photograph with photojournalistic intent: to document true moments and real relationships, rather than to stage them. I photograph unobtrusively, respond sensitively to each moment with intuition and experience, and blend seamlessly into the day.


I love making photographs, observing
people, moments and emotions, and translating them into images that will be treasured for years to come.

We have been photographing weddings and portraits for over 20 years. Photography is about life.  It is the life in our photos that people like so much. 

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Scott has built a photography studio recognised internationally for the creativity, quality and professionalism of their work. Scotts’ natural ability to capture the spirit and character of the people he photographs forms the base of the studio’s signature style. Photography is his way of giving others a record of their love, those meaningful moments to hold onto forever. He loves it. And it shows.

- Kacy & Harris

Dear Scott,
  Your view of love and ability to capture emotion is extraordinary. We are so blessed to have you capture the moments and raw emotion of our wedding day.  Thank you for sharing your skill and passion with us and in turn, giving us a lifetime of beautiful moments through your lens. Thank you from the depth of our Hearts.  

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